• How Amazon’s Product Design Is Governed by the Whims of Jeff Bezos – The result is devices that function well and are well-attuned to Amazon’s business objectives, but don’t attempt to turn users on in the way that Apple (AAPL), Samsung, or HTC hope to do. Given that Amazon didn’t try to lure customers away with price, this doesn’t bode well for the company’s hardware business.
  • Amazon’s Whale Strategy, Jun 19, 2014 – while it’s true that Amazon has gone to great lengths to make the Fire Phone compelling as a phone, it’s still an inferior offering as compared to a high-end Android phone or especially an iPhone when it comes to things like apps. In this respect it’s fair to compare the Fire Phone to Facebook Home and the HTC First: just because people love Facebook didn’t mean they wanted Facebook to dominate their phone, and by extension, their lives.
  • It’s No Longer A Smartphone, It’s A Smartcamera, Jun 19, 2014 – the truly disruptive element of the phone is something much more straightforward: free, unlimited photo storage.